5 Boot Styles Every Guy Needs

5 Boot Styles Every Guy Needs



Winter apparel can really cramp your style if you’re not careful. When attempting to get yourself nice and warm, you put yourself at risk of sacrificing your style. With a little bit of effort though, you can avoid making that mistake! Sometimes a nice pair of boots is all it takes to tie a look together perfectly. Here are five styles of boots that every guy should have in his wardrobe.

Made popular in the sixties, these boots are as classy as they come. Black Chelsea boots originated with Queen Victoria, who wore them for both walking and horse-back-riding. The plain black style can be paired with just about anything too, and they can give even the most casual look a touch of class.

Suede desert boots are another stylish classic. They began in the military. WWII British officer Nathan Clark noticed while stationed in Burma that some officers were wearing suede boots. He found out that they’d had them made specifically to withstand the tough climate of the desert, and Nathan Clark brought this idea back home and started what is now the British shoe giant known as Clarks. These boots will require some treatment with weatherproof coating, but the minimal effort is well worth it as these boots should be able to get you through the entire winter.

Hiking boots were created for – you guessed it – hiking, but they seem to have found their way into mainstream fashion. Hiking boots are designed to face the elements and allow the wearer to traverse difficult terrain without worrying, but it’s been discovered that they also look great. They are best paired with clothing that match their look: rugged and hardy.

Next, you’ve got your brown leather brogue boots. These boots have been around since at least the 1900’s.  They are less traditional for sure, but that does not mean they are any less versatile. If you are someone that enjoys having your clothes tailored just for you, then these boots are a great choice. They do well with slightly cropped/tapered pants that will highlight the boots in their entirety.

Work boots, much like hiking boots, were designed with a specific purpose in mind, but that didn’t stop fashion from picking them up. Work boots are fantastic for a simpler, more casual look. They are perfect for your traditional jeans and t-shirt style. The boots are often the focus of the outfit, so it works well when the rest is kept simple and easy.

Whether you want to create a professional, put-together look for a fancy dinner, or just want to go for a walk around town in a comfy pair of jeans and a t-shirt – there’s a pair of boots for that! With the potential to be classy and stylish, as well as rugged and casual, you cannot go wrong with a pair of these classic men’s boots.

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