4 Facts You Should Consider in Organic European Formula

Nowadays, lots of parents give their preference to organic milk formulas which contain natural ingredients and nutrients essential for newborns. Organic infant food is produced in compliance with strict organic regulation based on an ecologically pure cow or goat milk, obtained without the use of hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics. Although the organic market is overwhelmed today, it is kind of a challenge to find really good organic formulas. To be sure, your baby food meets organic standards, you can focus your narrow to European infant formula. 

Top-grade ingredients

The baby formula produced in the EU has to meet the highest ingredient and production standards to enter the market. European baby formula manufacturers go through meticulous government oversight. If you decide on organic baby feeding, you can try Holle products. Its selection range has everything needed from birth to 3 years old. What’s more, there is Holle goat milk formula for those who are at risk of cow milk protein allergy.


Unlike formulas produced in the USA, those made in Europe have to be divided into stages. The point is that the need for different kinds of nutrients changes while a kid grows. For example, a 3-months child will require another nutrient value than 6-months. The stages are marked on the packages like stage 1, 2, or 3. Sometimes there is a Pre label like HiPP HA Pre which means it is suitable from birth.

European formulas do not utilize additives

It’s quite common to see additives like carrageenan, lecithin, and mono or diglycerides in infant milk but it was proven that these elements cause health concerns. The EU has limited the use of carrageenan in baby formulas. Instead, locust bean gum and guar gum are added to the contents of most formulas.

Ideal for babies with digestion problems

About 97% percent of kids face dietary issues like colic, burping, cow milk protein allergies or lactose intolerance, etc. European organic brands carefully select the ingredients not to harm the immature organisms.

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