3 Reasons to Buy High-End Designer Shoes

As any self-respecting fashionista will gladly tell you, there is more to high-end designer shoes than meets the eye. While they are plenty nice to look at, there is more value in designer shoes than you may believe. Actually, value is a big part of ‘why’ you should buy a good quality, high-end shoe, but there are other benefits you might not be aware of. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. An Investment

Just like any other designer product, designer shoes that have been well cared for gain in value over the years. While those multi-million dollar shoes sold at auction probably went for such a high price because they were worn by a famous star or were studded with precious gems, it doesn’t change the fact that a single pair of Gucci shoes can auction for a six-figure amount at some later date. There is something totally unique about Gucci sneakers, for example, and although you’d buy them for casual wear, few people wear them for sport. They are, after all, designer shoes. If you don’t know where to look for a full range of shoes by this famed Italian design house, you can shop Gucci at SSENSE.

2. Quality

Over time, high-end designer shoes earned their reputation for more than the famous design house they were created in. Quality has always been a focus of top name designers, and so it is with shoes like the Gucci sneakers mentioned above. Do you know that with Gucci, for example, the leather is sourced from Italy, and the quality control is superior when choosing which hides the company will buy? That’s a pretty amazing fact that will get you more than a win at Trivial Pursuit.

3. Comfort

Because high-end shoes are made from high quality materials and many are hand crafted by artisans, you will find that comfort is synonymous with most brands. While stilettos with extremely pointed toes might not quite fit the bill, those are the exception. Designer sneakers, for example, are designed with comfort in mind simply because they are a casual/sport shoe. However, low-end shoes use inferior materials and are run on production lines so that comfort and quality are simply not high priorities like they are with companies like Gucci. Quality always trumps quantity, and so their shoes will always be ranked highly by fashionistas of the world.

If ever you were looking for a reason to treat yourself to a high-end pair of Gucci sneakers like the Ace embroidered pair that’s trending now, this is why those shoes are so very valuable. You probably will never list them at a charity auction and will probably never be seen in the movies in your Guccis, but you will make an impression nonetheless. Only those with impeccable style and fashion sense wear shoes of such high quality, so if you want to be listed among their ranks, that is yet another reason to buy high-end designer shoes.

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