You expect to receive gifts when you are the bride or the groom at a wedding. Often, you hope that the items you receive as a couple will be useful for settling down in your new marriage. Gifts from friends and family show that they cherish you and appreciate you. There mere presence at that important ceremony in your lives is also a way of honouring you and should not be taken for granted.

From your end, you can show your gratitude by gifting guests at your wedding. It shows a touch of class and a certain level of reflection that is rare to find. You need not be extravagant and lavish in your gift ideas. Just some little creativity.

Goodie bags

Wedding favours aren’t a must but go a long way in appreciating your guests for their presence. A simple and thoughtful way of thanking your guests is to distribute to them empty goodie bags which they can then fill with items of their choice from your roaster of budget items like candies and marbles.

You will find this particularly affordable if you had a long guest list for your wedding. The beauty of the method of gifting is that the items in the goodie bags don’t have to be necessarily candy. You can fill them with anything you and your guests will like, and you can afford. You can include bottles of perfume, coffee beans, and a packet of tea leaves. Anything you fancy but favours which the guests may use.

Better still you can have the bags filled before the wedding day, and a pre-printed personalized message of gratitude from the both of you put inside. Your wedding guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and it reduces the pressure to call and send messages of appreciation during and after your honeymoon.


Sparklers will not only add spice and excitement to your wedding ceremony but is also a creative way of having your guests involved in your wedding, rather than just sitting still and following the proceedings from afar. You can order for sparklers in various shapes and sizes and have your guests bless your wedding with them. They are an affordable way of returning the favours to your guests for their wishing well wedding gifts.

Sparklers will excite your guest, and you can make arrangements so that you can have everyone lighting their sparklers at exactly the same time to create that magical atmosphere at your wedding.

A roaming camera

A roaming camera is a gift for both yourself and your wedding guests. By having a roaming camera at your wedding, you ensure that most of the guests are active as they’ll need to occasionally take turns snapping away the moments at your most important day.

This also has the added benefit that everyone who attends is likely to be captured even if the official wedding photographer is more occupied with the two of you.

Everyone can request for the camera and take photographs of themselves. You can even go a step further and have a camera for everyone or two tables. This allows you sufficient time to relax and enjoy your honeymoon without guests calling to ask for the wedding photos. The official wedding photographers are also given ample time to edit the moments they captured during the wedding in order to put you in the best light.

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