Talking acting & future projects with Tony Fadil

Talking acting & future projects with Tony Fadil

Tony Fadil is fast becoming renowned as the hard man in film which he plays with the most realism you can imagine. This connected to his overwhelming acting skill set and screen presence, you wouldn’t want to meet one of his characters down a dark alley. We held an interview with him.

Tony how are you juggling acting in various productions at present?

It has been a really busy time for me lately but I am enjoying it. I have just finished an 15 day shoot on one project and am preparing for the next project in a few days’ time. So my days are filled on set and my spare time I am reading scripts. With 6 feature film projects and 1 TV sit com, the rest of this year and in to 2017 is definitely going to be a busy one!

You’ve just finished HOWLING – how was it?

The Howling was a great experience. It was a horror and I really enjoyed it that has a release date of 2017 with a USA Netflix deal in place . I took the opportunity to throw myself into method acting on this project. The cast and crew on The Howling were fantastic and a real inspiration to work with Which allowed me to take my method acting to a new level with free movement and no restrictions


Do you think horror is a niche you could explore long term?

Yes, I think Horror could be a niche for me but I do enjoy playing a variety of different characters and the challenge.

In your words – where do you think the indie film scene is heading?

I am a huge supporter of the indie film industry and I believe indie films are our future.  Easy access of Internet and social media of today makes it is easier for talented and creative people to create and get films out there.

You have a TV flick with Stevi Ritchie coming out soon, how did it feel working with him?

Stevie Richie is a really nice guy. He was good fun to work with and the show is going to be entertaining and funny.  I look forward to working with Stevie in the future.

What can we look forward in the future?

There are lots of projects coming out in the very near future. Off Piste has just had world wide release on 10 October and has just been entered into the New York Film Festival. Look out for The Pugilist starring Ian Beattie, Matthew Jure and Paddy Doherty to mention just a few which is being released in 2017. These are both Jack In The Box films. Also look out for Burnt Toast which is a sit com I am currently working on with George Newton, George Kay, Amber Addison and Steve Ward. Name of the Game starring Jessica Stafford, Amar Adatia, Gary Webster and Calum Best will be released Spring 2017.



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